Physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally stronger coparenting - Tim McCarthy, M.Ed. || DPTSP #025
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Physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally stronger coparenting - Tim McCarthy, M.Ed. || DPTSP #025

Possessing rich expertise in both education and martial arts training, Tim McCarthy has leveraged his background to create a straightforward framework for nurturing children's growth. Tim holds a Master's Degree in Education and the elite distinction of Grandmaster in the martial arts.

 By synthesizing insights garnered over many years as an instructor and administrator across public and private school settings with extensive experience developing martial arts curricula, McCarthy has formulated an accessible plan supporting children's development - a necessary element in coparenting in this new world.

Tim also discusses the importance of self-care, supporting different learning styles, and co-parenting in the context of martial arts. He concludes by sharing an inspirational story of how martial arts teachings positively impacted a child. Tim's insights are further explored in his book, 'Raising Four Dimensional Children in a Two Dimensional World.'


Martial arts is a confidence building

Fathers suck at emotions

The two-dimensional world, the world of screens

Bully management

Role models

Martial artist

Anti-Vietnam War Era

After School martial arts programs

Other activities for the kids

4 dimensions to human being

-physical, emotional, spiritual and mental

Lack of accounting for those dimensions while raising the kids

Kids sitting all day at school

Mr. T hated to fly

Let it motivate you instead of being envious

Frankenstein envy

Move with it and redirect it

Absorb, redirect and dance

Conflict resolutions

Lead by example

3 basic learning styles

Provide kids a safe space

Roll the condom down the mop handle.

Saints can be role models

Raising 4 Dimensional Children in a 2 Dimensional World Website

All About Tim McCarthy

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